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Upcoming Smart phones Gadgets In 2020

Upcoming Smartphones In 2020

Guys so many interesting things came in Asus Rog 2, One plus 7 T pro, One plus television, iPhone 11 and so many phones gadgets are going to be launched in future So, today I’ll tell you about upcoming smartphones in 2020 from Samsung, Moto to Xiaomi.

I will tell you all about their future launches will give you information in advance and in the end of the blog.

You will find out who leaks such stuff So, come lets check out the market today Only on Live All News.

Lets talk about that phone which is going to bring a very unique concept Samsung galaxy S11. This phone will be launched in the market till February 2020.

But there are some things that we are expecting from this phone Like super zoom mode You can zoom in as much as you want.

Your photo quality will not degrade It will be quite clear and its light version is also coming which will be quite cheaper and guess what?Its battery backup will be much better than iPhone 11.

I mean much much much better!It is having many features like it will have 2 screen At the back side it will have a small screen and that is because they will remove front camera module.

So, it will work on single camera module So you can see yourself in small screen. It can take a selfie main camera Well this concept is interesting But, i didn’t like it much because it will make phone more fragile.

If your phone is dropped by mistake the there are more chances that one of the two screens will break.

Which is not done I guess guys one phone with two screens, this is also a different concept.

Like fold-able phone these phones are in style trend Samsung Galaxy fold and Huawei Mate X.

These phones are being talked about and people are very impressed with them. But I have heard that oppo is also coming with fold-able phones.

Which will resemble Mate X With that Xiaomi Mix Flex videos and images have been leaked There are a lot of expectations from these phones.

All these fold-able phones opens like a book. There was a time when we were madly in love with flip phones.

If we talk about flip phone then Nokia comes in my mind because Nokia has been saying from a long time that they will come with a flip phone.

But this year Moto Razr has become the most awaited phone of the year because it resembles a lot with the old flip phones. Which will make us feel nostalgic.

Well I am very exited because I had one flip phone with me Which one was your first phone? Do tell me in the COMMENTS below.

I think when you will read this article Moto Razr will be in market by then because I have heard that on 13th November this phone will be launched globally.

But when this phone is going to be available in India is still doubtful.

Well 7T and 7T pro was recently launched guess what One Plus 8 leaks are also here and one of most impressive feature that i felt is that One Plus 8 pro model will have storage capacity is 512 GB which is quite impressive this phone will be available in the market till next year and in India.

Its price is going to start with 40,000 rupees. Which is a little expensive from its previous model.

Rest will see when this phone will come in the market Well Qualcomm will host a 2019 tech submit before the end of this year which is on 3rd December and there are a lot of chances that it will launch flagship chip Snapdragon 865.

So CI think in Samsung Galaxy S11 and One Plus 8 series you will get this processor only. Some other phones like Oppo Reno 3, Motorola One Hyper Samsung galaxy S10 lite.

All these phones information and images have been leaked. We can read about it, Well I have given all the information if I talk about my personal preference.

Then I am very much excited for one Plus 8 Because I am already impressed with One Plus 7 series So, it will be fun to watch that how One Plus 8 will be.

Lets talk about our main topic All these tech news like gadgets and mobile launches. If their informations are leaked then company is in benefit because they get extra attention from the consumers.

For example if a movie is going to released then it releases its teaser first. In which they cover all attractive scenes of the movie in few seconds by this people become excited and they surely watch that movie.

So because of this company at times leaks its information itself like Google did at time of Google pixel 4.

Other companies also do this these are called marketing skills. Did it ring any bells Well, for which phone you are saving your money?

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