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Top 4 Must Have Android For 2020

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There are millions of mobile apps in the Google Play Store and we can’t seem to stop on a particular one. It becomes a little confusing to find the best and the right one. No matter what type of top-notch Android app you are searching for, there are many similar apps that can puzzle you when it comes to choosing the best one.

Here is a curated compilation of the best Android apps you should be looking up to in 2020, specifically if you own an Android device and wish to add some notable apps to your armory.

This is also a great opportunity to say goodbye to some of the old Android apps that you don’t really use anymore while adopting some New Year Resolutions for 2020.

Top Android Apps You Need To Try In 2020
So, let’s have a look at the list of best android apps all time that can help you keep your life more entertaining and more organized:

Google Pay – Free App for Android

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Android has some of the best options for mobile payments, which completely depends on the type of device you own. Google Pay is one of the best apps for android of all time, it allows you to add any card type from the given list of the banks and also a huge amount of reward cards.

It keeps the entire information safe as the actual card number is never shared, in fact, a virtual card number is used to keep the card details secured.

Notable Features of the Google Pay app:

Transfer money whenever you like;
Send and Receive Money via Audio;
Pay Utility Bills: electricity, gas, water, property tax, insurance bill, DTH recharge, etc.
Multiple Payment Options: QR code, UPI name, bank details, and mobile number;
Get rewards for every payment.
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Zomato – Free App for Android

Zomato, again one among the best apps for Android, lets you discover restaurants near you to go and eat out or order food online and get it delivered. Check out the restaurants’ pics, menu, user reviews and decide wherever you want to eat, the Zomato’s map feature will guide you there.

This Android app has multiple other unique features that address customer needs like takeaway, table booking, and discoveries. You can also find many discounts and offers on the restaurants, which makes it easy on your pocket.

Notable Features of Zomato app:

Easy search for Restaurants, Pubs, and Cafes by name, location, cuisine, etc.;
Curated lists of places like the best burgers, perfect date spots, trending restaurants, etc;
Connect with your friends and follow them to see what and where they are eating;
Book yourself a table at any restaurant;
Zomato Gold: Discounts and offers for premium members.
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Google Find My Device – Free App for Android

Google’s Find My Device is the best free android app of all time that comes in handy in case of theft or loss of your device. It is extremely easy to use, it helps you to locate your device while it goes missing, reset its pin or passcode and above all the best part is that you can delete all the data.

Geolocation and erasing data remotely are a few attractive features it has. This is one of the best apps for Android, to stay connected and secure your Android device.

Notable Features of Find My Device app:

Know the location of your lost device;
Access it from a laptop, desktop, or even an iPhone, no need for another android device;
Find all your phones in which you are logged in with the same account;
Remotely erase phone’s data;
Lock the lost phone, or play some soundtrack to trace it.
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Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus – Free App for Android

Also featured in: Best Antivirus Apps For Android

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is one of the best apps for Android security that you should have on your device. It keeps you secure from malware threats via its brilliant virus detection software. It can easily search through the browser history, microSD card and also the internal storage space.

These amazing apps for android security have the best anti-theft features implemented, for instance, location search, remote data wipe, etc. and also boost the security of your bank details whenever you do any transition from your Android Device.

Notable Features of Kaspersky app:

Virus Cleaner and automatic malware blocking;
Scans on-demand and in real-time for viruses, spyware, ransomware, and trojans. Protects personal information from thieves by wiping it from your device. Add secret code to access your private messages, photos & more;
Keeps your financial information secure when you shop & bank online.
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