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Samsung Galaxy S11: Features And Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S11

Hey guys this is Live All News today we will tell you about Samsung Galaxy s11 let’s start. So for those of you who don’t know Samsung flagships use two different chipsets or processors depending on the region.

The US, China, Japan, and Latin America get the Snapdragon variant while the rest of the world gets their own in-house Exynos variant.

Samsung exynos processors

The reason Samsung doesn’t use Exynos all over is network compatibility. The Exynos still doesn’t support some older network bands in the US, and China so they use Snapdragon SoC.

A few years ago Exynos used to be the superior processor among the two, except in the graphics department where the Adreno GPU from Qualcomm was better.

But from a couple of years, things have changed.Snapdragon is beating Exynos in almost every department including the Efficiency of the chipset.

Snapdragon chips have way battery life than Exynos these days.Of course, that said, the Galaxy S11 will also have two different chipsets.

Both of these processors have been made official and judging from the specs and features of both of these chipsets, its all clear that Snapdragon is going to be better again this time as well.

And the thing that makes me worry a little is that industry officials are also coming out and saying that the performance difference between the Snapdragon and Exynos this year is going to be and I quote “Quite large”.

That’s the reason Samsung has decided to equip the Galaxy S11 with Snapdragon 865 in more markets other than these four.

Which is certainly great news. Korean media is reporting that South Korea will also get the Snapdragon 865 variant this year.

We still don’t know what other countries will get the Snapdragon variant but we do know which market will not get it and its Europe.

Europe will get the Exynos 990 as usual.I know that sucks but what can you do.Anyway, what I don’t understand is, why to sell Exynos 990 this year if Samsung it self is not confident in their own chipsets.

If the performance difference is too large then why not go all-in with Snapdragon 865 this year and them come back next year with a better Exynos chip and with AMDs Radeon graphics.

Samsung has fired its Exynos team at Austin who was responsible for custom Mangoos cores for the Exynos and from 2021 on wards Samsung is directly going to use ARMs architecture.

So that means Exynos will get better starting 2021 with AMDs graphics and ARMs architecture.But my point is why use Exynos chips in their premium flagship phones in 2020 if the performance difference is quite large.

Isn’t that unfair for people who get Exynos Galaxy S11 because all of us are going to pay the same price for it and people who get the Snapdragon variant are going to end with a better device even though they are paying the exact same price as people with Exynos.

You know what Samsung should have done in my opinion, is use the Exynos 990 is upper mid-range phones such as the S10 Lite or Note 10 Lite or any other upper range Galaxy A series phone.

And for the S11 and Note 11, they should have gone with Snapdragon 865 all over the world.

In 2021 for the S12 and Note 12, they could bring the Exynos back because by that time the Exynos will get better because of AMD and ARM.

Anyway, the good news is more markets are getting the snapdragon 865 Galaxy S11, South Korea is confirmed, we still don’t know what other countries will get but Europeans you’re still stuck with the Exynos 990.

We also have a potential launch date of the Galaxy S11 and its coming from Ice Universe himself.

He says Samsung will keep the unpacked event in San Francisco on February 18th.

The clam shell foldable smartphone from Samsung will also get unveiled alongside the GalaxyS11. Of course, that being said, for all the latest Galaxy S11 updates do consider bookmark us and please share this blog. Thanks

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