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Gaming Laptops Under Rs 50,000 In India

Gaming Laptops Under Rs 50,000 In India

Hey guys this is Live All New. You are also on the lookout for a good gaming laptop? I, have 3 terrific gaming laptops for you all and that too under ₹50,000 Only.

On Under your Budget If, just like your crush, you find a laptop worth ₹50,000 out of your league It has some of the best laptops.

Anyway In all these 3 laptops you’re sure to get a Good Processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, a 4GB Graphic Card But its disadvantages. Advantages are what I’m gonna enlighten you about.

1. Asus 570ZD

The first on my list is Asus 570ZD I’ll tell you what’s special about this laptop.

This laptop is the Alia Bhatt when it comes to the range were looking at It looks great and performs equally well Unlike those bulky and heavy gaming laptops.

This one is light-weight and slim If you’re doing some office work or going through YouTube videos, it will give you a 3-4 hour backup.

The sound quality is its plus point Its loud and crisp because of Sonic Master. Talking about the performance Games like, Battlefield 4, Assasins Creed Unity, Batman can be played on medium settings. But, playing top end games like, Far Cry 5 do not give a satisfactory feeling.

The FPS game experience is not that great I would suggest this laptop to people who basically use a laptop for office work but secretly play games in their workplace.

2. Asus TUF FX505DY

The next laptop also belongs to this set of family This is Asus TUF FX505DY. The special thing about this laptop is its Processor AMD Ryzen 5 355OH which is a brand new processor and performs way better than the others.

This comes with a 4GB Radeon RX 560X Graphic Cardin which you can play all those top end games like Resident Evil 2, Far Cry 5 that too on high settings, smooth as ever.

Talking about the looks Its totally inclined towards the gaming segment which means Young college students like me are gonna love it.

It has a red backlit keyboard for the uninterrupted streaming of videos at night. This laptop is lighter as compared to the next one.

It can be counted as a plus point But there is one issue This laptop heats up on high usage and you guys already know about how hot it is here.

Whether or not you have a way to cool yourself down Your laptop should definitely cool down on its own.

3. Acer Nitro 5

Its time for the final laptop which is Acer Nitro 5. Its best feature is the 15.6 inch Full HD Display which I really like as compared to the last 2 laptops.

Looks are impressive too. It has just one drawback This laptop is a bit heavy Still can’t figure out which one to buy?

Let me give you a cheat code Asus TUF Acer Nitro 5 are competing on the same grounds But, keeping my gaming requirements on priority Acer Nitro 5 is my favorite.

It has a good display as well as a great processor GPU is also no less and the battery is long lasting too. Most importantly, its cooling system is fantastic.

So, I found it the best!One more thing There’s gonna be an online sale Pick any laptop, you’ll get it at a huge discount These were top 3 gaming laptops under ₹50,000. Thanks

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