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Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 3 Difference

Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 3

Hey guys this is Live All News today we will talk about Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 3. There’s a new Apple watch series 5 and it brings a whole bunch of new features.

But apples also selling a Series 3 for just $199. So the series 5 really worth twice as much.

When you look at the series 3 in series 5 Apple watches side-by-side they’re pretty much identical.

The series 3 comes in 38 and 42 millimeter sizes. While v series 5 comes in 40 and 44 millimeter sizes.

That might look like a lot on paper but on your wrist its nearly impossible to see. The difference with the series 5 you also have more case options.

Now it comes in titanium and ceramic as well. As the usual aluminum colors space grey silver and gold.

The series 3 only comes in aluminum when you turn them on, however you can really see the difference between these two watches.

Apple increased the size of the screen last year with the series 4 and we get that same display on this series 5.

Which is only a few millimeters bigger than the series3. But it is very noticeable the corners of the screen are rounded.

So they match the body of the case more than the square sides of the series 3. It fills more of the frame there are very small bezels on the series 5.

Where on the series 3 if you have a picture showing you can really see just how small the screen is in the case. But the big upgrade with the series 5 watch is a new always-on display.

Now this has been a source of contention for years with that but we’ve wanted one since the first Apple watch.

We saw with previous generations including the series 3. When you’re not using the watch it fades to block.

So you’re basically wearing a blank screen on your wrist all day and Apple has done a great job with it.

Each watch face gets its own always-on option and you know some are better than others. But as a whole its one of the best always-on displays that I’ve used at a watch.

It I’ve tried out a lot of them there are a couple other little differences between the two watches as well on the or is 5.

You get an ECG built into the digital crown that means you can put your finger against the crown and it will take your pulse.

It also has an updated optical heart rate sensor the thing that goes against your wrist to measure your heartbeat.

There’s also a new a processor the S five chip versus the s3 chip which is about 50% faster than the previous model.

The series 5 watch also has fall detection built into it. So if you turn it on you fall and you can’t get up your watch will actually call 911 at your location.

So if someone can come and rescue you and you also get a slightly louder speaker and 32 gigs of storage with the series 5 vs 8 gigs or 16 gig.

So this series 3 both watches have watch OS 6 on board but there’s some little differences between them.

First lets go through what’s the same they both have some new apps on board we got calculator voice memos audio books psycho tracking for women as well as a new way to track activity trends.

Both watches also have the new on wrist app store which means you’ll be downloading apps on your watch and no longer on your phone.

Its a little quicker on the series 5 thanks to the new processor but its pretty much the same experience of course.

Both one new app that’s only on the series 5 and not available in the series 3. The new noise app what that does is it uses your microphone to measure the sound in a room and gives you a decibel reading.

You also get a few new watch faces with watch OS 6 though some aren’t available on the series 3.

But of course the biggest difference between these two watches is the price.

The series 3 starts at $199 for the 38 millimeter and 229. For 42 millimeter the series 5 starts at 399 for 40 millimeter and 429.

For 44 millimeter both watches offer a cellular or a GPS model with the cellular models costing $100 more across-the-board.

So those are the differences between the series 3 in the series 5. Apple watch the big reason I would recommend series 5 is if you want that always-on display.

Apple has done a great job with this its color. Its pretty its just a really nice job and if that’s what you’ve been missing in the previous four or five six versions.

Just go buy this one but other than the display the series 3 watch is a really good watch for $1.99.

I can’t think of another one that even comes close for example the Fit bit Versa – same price is missing the apps of or the screen size.

The bands all of the things that make an Apple watch is on this series three model its a great value. Its a great price and whether its your first Apple watch or your third its a really good option.

So what do you guys think of the series 3 in series 5 Apple watch is the series 5 worth twice as much let me know in the comments and I’ll catch you next time. Thanks

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